Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will NZMCA Data cost?
Last updated 4 years ago

There are two simple plans to choose from:

40GB @ $79 per month

130GB @ $99 per month

Both plans come with free 50GB off peak data to use between midnight and 6am. There’s a one-off investment of $299 for a powerful 4G capable modem which comes on an open term contract. Both plans are 4G capable but will automatically go to 3G if the tower is only 3G capable (all towers are scheduled to be upgraded to 4G).

These larger data caps enable you to watch your favourite TV shows online, download more content, stay up to date and keep entertained during those rainy days and nights. Signup is easy using the online portal at - just click on the button and sign up online by filling in all the fields.

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