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6. Where does my total monthly satellite data come from?
Last updated 4 years ago

1) Partner Data Pack - if you're a PGG Wrightson member or an ASB Rural customer, the free 5GB anytime data you receive from our partner special deal will be used up first.

2) Plan Data - once your free 5GB anytime data (if applicable) is used up, then your general plan data that you signed up for will be used next.

3) Data Tank - if you run out of both above, any data you have remaining in the 'Data Tank' that has been carried over from the previous 3 months will be used.

4) Add-on Data Bundles - once you've used up everything in the 'Data Tank' then you have two options; you can continue using the internet at full speed, however you will be charged at $0.03 per MB, or you can buy 'Add-on Data Bundles' which you can be seen underneath the monthly plans here >

NB: Add-on Data Bundles can be purchased as once off or can be reoccurring. Any reoccurring Add-on Data Bundles purchased by a customer will be used up before the Plan data.

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