Frequently Asked Questions

5. What is a Satellite Data Tank?
Last updated 4 years ago

If you don’t use up all of your monthly data cap, the remaining data will be stored in a ‘data tank’. The data within the data tank can be used if you go over your initial data cap in any of the 3 months following that initial month.

This saves you from incurring any over usage charges. Please note that any data stored in the data tank that is over three months old will be removed.

For example, you are on a 10GB a month satellite plan. In December, January, February and March you had only used 8GB in each month. However in April, you've watched a few too many YouTube vidoes and used up all of your 10GB for the month. The 'Data Tank' will provide you with an extra 6GB to use due to the unused data being stored from the previous three months.

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