Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I upgrade my RBI modem software?
Last updated 4 years ago

There's been a recent modem software update that could help improve your signal strength and connection speed if you're using an external antenna (connected to the back of your RBI Modem).

This upgrade will allow you to select whether you want your modem to use it's internal antenna or the external antenna (if applicable). Please download this guide for instructions on how to upgrade the software on your modem, and select the appropriate antenna option.

If you move your modem around i.e. you sometimes use it with an external aerial and sometimes without, then it's best to follow these instructions and select the right setting every time you change between the two to ensure the best signal strength.

In order for this upgrade to work you'll need to be in coverage, and have your laptop or PC connected the modem with an Ethernet cable.

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